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Our special of March and April is still happening from Monday to Wednesday from 5:30PM to 7:00PM!
Tonton Course : 3 meal course at $29/person ( minimum of 2 orders)!

We are introducing a special March and April course!

Tonton Course ($29/person, minimum 2 orders)

1. Appetizer of your choice from our selected items
2. Hot-Pot of your choice
3. Finish with noodle or rice in the soup ;)
4. Enjoy the ice cream of your choice!

* Tonton course is available ONLY on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30PM to 7:00PM!!

Call today to make reservation at 212-242-3699!

Tontonコース ($29/person, minimum 2 orders)
1. 特別メニューの中よりお好きな前菜を1品
2. お好きなお鍋をお選びください
3. シメの麺、または雑炊、ビビンバをお選びください
4. 最後はお好きなアイスクリームで!
* Tonton コースは、月曜日、火曜日、水曜日の 5:30PM から7:00PMまでの特別コースとなっております。

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